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Leaving Positano

Sitting on the back of deck five. Watching the sun come up and Positano disappear as we cruise to Sorrento. The sky is crimson on the Amalfi coast. It has been an exciting cruise until now. We have tonight and tomorrow night left to enjoy the carefree service and the great weather and views of Italy.
I’m going to tour Pompeii today. For years I taught about it in social studies classes and today I get to see the village that was suddenly entombed in ash from the erupting Mount Vesuvius. It is sobering when you consider the forces of nature and how quickly things can change. Calgary and are especially sensitive to that these days.
Italy is living history. I love being here. The boat gives time for reflection and I have learned or relearned more about myself as we sail the Mediterranean in the lap if luxury. Watching the people aboard and learning their stories has been fun.
Tomorrow the island of Capri.

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