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Christmas is coming.

Thank you to those who took the time to react to my first post in a long time. I appreciate your time and attention. As some of you mentioned, life is good for me right now. I agree. Halifax has become a growing metropolis with different problems than it had when I was growing up here. It is stretched to the proverbial limit. Growing fast and still able to retain its historic charm. Norm and I have seen a play at the Neptune Theatre and a concert at the Rebecca Cohn Theatre. We have walked and dined on the new and much-improved waterfront. We have golfed at some of the surrounding golf courses, and we have breakfast on Sundays at the Chebucto Inn with wonderful friends from my high school days here in Halifax. Next on the list is a Moosehead’s Game at the Scotiabank Centre. I see my cousins and my golf buddies for lunch every now and then at restaurants that are becoming my favourites. We never run out of stories to tell or laughter to share. I spend time in Mahone Bay where Cousin Danielle has opened yet another fabulous eatery. First, it was Betty’s at the Kitch’inn and now it’s Eli and Trix. I can highly recommend both restaurants and the Kitch’inn which she describes as “Not your grandmother’s B and B.” My mother would love her and what she has become. She would describe her as a going concern, and I agree. My mother would also be pleased that I have been spending time with her nieces. She cared a lot about them and their families. Christmas is coming and for the first time in a very long time, I will be staying here in Halifax for the holidays. We will spend time with Norm’s family here in Halifax and ‘up the Valley’ as they say around here and with friends and family of mine. I will miss the physical presence of my girls and their families, but we will connect in the same way that many of you will be connecting with family. People are able to cross distances differently today than we did when I was a kid here in Halifax. The girls and I (and their families from time to time) ‘meet’ on Facetime on Fridays and holidays and we will be together in person again soon when Norm and I head back to Alberta. My Christmas wish is that Norm and I take a walk along a rocky beach with the waves crashing and the salt air hitting our faces. The ocean called me back to this magical place. I like to take advantage of opportunities to be close to its main attraction as often as possible. One of my favourite quotes explains the attraction; “Eternity begins and ends with the ocean’s tides.” Spending time near the ocean, even in winter, soothes the soul and puts things in perspective. It is a stark contrast with the hubbub of shopping centres and traffic jams at this time of year. Whatever your Holiday Wish, I do hope it comes true for you. n

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