Principals: Faces of Change


(April 2010) by Mel Blitzer, Marjorie Munroe and Nancy Love

Paperback: 124 Pages Publisher: Trafford Publishing (April 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 1426927975 ISBN-13: 978-14269279


PULSE: Conversations for Change

If you know about PULSE, this book will deepen your understanding of the frame and its applications. If you are currently learning about PULSE, this book provides the basic understanding that will allow you to practice and also become a PULSE Practitioner. If you are a mediator, facilitator, human resources professional, social worker, teacher, professional or leader of any kind, the PULSE Frame will help you in your work. If you are none of those, the PULSE Frame will help you speak and listen to others differently so that you have more satisfying and effective conversations. There is something for everyone in this book! $19.95 plus GST. Available in both English and French. *BUY NOW *Contact Nancy to purchase this book.

Complex Pulse: Conversations for Change

PULSE is Prepare, Uncover, Learn, Search, Explain. PULSE is People Using Language Skills Effectively. The Purpose of this book is to review the essential elements of the PULSE Frame and examine more closely - with x-ray vision - the significant elements of the complex PULSE Tetrahedron. Gain greater understanding of the distinct purpose and focus of each step of the Frame and learn how the anchors of Appreciative Inquiry, the PULSE BEACHs, and the PULSE skills reinforce the Frame. $24.95 plus GST. *BUY NOW *Contact Nancy to purchase this book.