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Life is too short – Give and Receive the Gift of Listening while you live

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and for sharing your own insight. Today is difficult. There was a domestic homocide in Calgary yesterday. It was one of Jim’s employees. His wife, two of his three kids and a border in his house died with him.

When something like this happens everybody wonders what they could have done to prevent such a tragedy.  What I notice is that prevention of this kind of event hinges on our abilities as human beings to truly communicate our thoughts, our feelings and our perceptions of the past, present and future.

For me PREVENTION looks like the PULSE GHOST.  Speak Gently, Honestly, Openly, Specifically AND Talk from where you hurt!! Listen with HEART, Hush, Empathize, Attend, Reflect and Trust.  Listen with FULL attention when others talk. Hear what is unsaid. Listen with Head, Heart and Body. Give and receive, with appreciation and gratitude, the gift of listening and speaking daily.

Take care of yourselves and the people in your life. Be courageous and curious, always in all ways.

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