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Leaving Barcelona

Yesterday we left Barcelona.  We had a nice breakfast at the same Lobo Bar as we had the day before.  It was raining cats and dogs.  We got the luggage together and called a couple of cabs to head to the ship.  There didn’t seem like any point in trying to see more of the city with the weather the way it was.  Two taxi’s, six people and 18 pieces of luggage (or so we thought)  headed toward the harbour.  A couple of blocks from the hotel we came upon a traffic jam.  Horns were honking.  Everyone was leaning on their horn for 30 to 60 seconds at a time.  Our driver was doing the same.  He opened his windo to add his voice to the expression of anger and ‘bang’  a grocery bag full of water hit the car and dumped inside.  It hit hard as if it had some from the 3rd or 4th floor.  The driver was not happy and we were still stuck.  It was unbelieveable.

We got to the port, got out of the taxis and they dashed off right about the time that LYnda noticed that her red hanging bag with her formal wear was not with us.  Was it in the taxi? or at hotel?  We all went in to sign in and then Lynda and bill had the concierge phone the hotel.  They had the red bag AND Bill’s duffle bag.  He hadn’t even realized that it was not with us.  Jim and Bill got in a cab, went back to the hotel and retrieved the bags.

Once we had our bags we had a lifeboat drill.  That was fun. 

Lynda and Me at the lifeboat drill

We convened for dinner and met the rest of our party.  After dinner we waited for the ship to pull away.  Appartently we were waiting for people arriving late and left port about 9 pm.  It took about an hour to manoeuver the ship through the dock area and then we were at sea.  The band started up.  They were great.  It was disco night.

This morning JIm and I went to breakfast, met some nice folks.  Then we spend two hours at the spa.  It was great.  Lynda and I are off to shop….  You can do that here.  It is acutally a very nice boat.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Please email me or add acomment so I know you are out there!!!!

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