Mapping the Space Between Us

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The journey is my home

Muriel Rukeyser

I am a traveler.  I have seen more of the world and visited those places more often than most people.  I enjoy traveling because it gives me opportunities to see new places and the people that live in those places.  I like to observe how different and how similar people can be in social settings depending on where you are. For many years I have been like a fly on the wall, watching people come and go at airports and hotels. I have watched students learn in classrooms, and people dealing with conflict.  I have observed people whether they are in the public eye like politicians and celebrities dealing with their publics, in the corporate world like business executives dealing with clients and employees or in a more mundane situation everyday people dealing with family and friends. As a researcher, I am always interested in discovering what makes people tick and how they respond to one another. Over the years and after thousands of hours observing and studying people in our world, I have discovered patterns in behaviour that have led me to a sociological construct for understanding people.  I wondered if it would be easier for people to read “the signs” in a conversation if they too could see the patterns. If people had a map to follow to guide them through social space, life could be less puzzling and less stressful. The map could help people develop rapport and guide them to common ground. Using tools that mediators use in high conflict, they could quickly and efficiently “find their way”.

 I am sharing this work in the hope that you will gain a strategic advantage in your next encounter, crucial or not, difficult or not, fierce or not. This map fits in your hand. It is simple and yet complex, like people. You can use it to find common ground and sustainable outcomes for shared futures with just about anyone. Whatever your motivation, the methods and tools described in this book can help you achieve your relationship goals at home, at work or where ever you may roam. Enjoy!

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