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Both of my granddaughters celebrated graduations over the past few weeks.  Charlie celebrated the end of Grade 12 and I am confident that she will find her way through a Bachelor of Science and into her chosen field of optometry.  She is smart and confident and willing to work hard.  Kassidy has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.  She has worked hard and has become an ambitious young adult with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Kass has been working on my blog and my website for almost a year and has finally got me writing again.  I am so grateful for that.  I had pretty much abandoned both after my Dad passed away.  She has helped me edit the first four chapters of the Mapping the Space Manuscript and has placed those chapters on my web page under a new tab.  She created my new FaceBook presence and linked it to everything else and I am very grateful for all of it.  

As a dancer for most of her life, she knows about stage presence and imaging.  As a graduate and budding professional, she also knows a lot about web presence and advertising.  This week she created her own web presence with K K Media.  Check it out at   

I know this is rather blatant bragging and promotion on my part but I am proud of both of my granddaughters and their accomplishments and I believe in Kass and her ability to do this work so why not tell you all about it. I have to share that I am reading a delightful and informative book entitled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a BLEEP. It is about a simple way to find the courage to do what’s important to you without worrying about what others might think. Liberating. A graduation of my own. More about this one by Mark Manson in my next blog.

Take care, everyone.

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