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Winter is back in Alberta….

This morning it is snowing in Gunn, Alberta.                                  Winter is back

Here we all thought we were on our way to SPRING.  Surprise.  Here is the winter we didn’t really experience …just at a new time.  Some people are calling climate change climate shift and they might be right.

It is beautiful though.  I always love snow falling on trees.  It is so quiet and calming.  Like anything else your experience of a thing is all in your attitude toward it.

Further to my “Tides not Waves” post, the equinox is an important signal in our lives and even though this one change … this slack water for the earth if you will … has been delivered to my part of the world in a snowy blanket there is still the promise of spring and regrowth and starting over.  Soon love and flowers will be in bloom and we know that because it happens every year.

Happy SPRING everyone.


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