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PULSE Conversations for Change in PULSE

Relationships change.  People move into PULSE, learn what they have come to learn and then move on.  Over the past six years I have watched as people contribute what they can, learn about PULSE  and themselves and then move onto the next adventure. PULSE as an organization manages many kinds of relationships.  What might be unique is that once people move on efforts are made to keep in touch and to redefine relationship rather than end it completely.  I like that about us. It isn’t alwaysthe case but most who have worked with us in one capacity or another do keep in touch and maintain a relationship based on the principles and shared criteria for involvement.

Terry, our Executive Director is moving on.  She will focus on her own company – TiLT.  Although that leaves PULSE with a gigantic space to fill, I am happy to see that she is following her own dream.  That is what PULSE is about empowering people to do what they do best.  It would be inconsistent of us not to wish her well and to provide what ever support she needs to reach her own goals.  Terry will become a PULSE Associate, offering PULSE products through TiLT. 

Redefining relationships is what we do in every conversation that we have in our lives. It is interesting to me to see the PULSE philosophy working especially within our own company.  A structured conversation makes even difficult conversations successful.  Terry’s criteria for a better future and our needs as a company are considered as we plan to transition to this new level of involvement in each others work lives.  The future becomes obvious when criteria are made clear and we move toward it. Best of luck to Terry and to PULSE.

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  • Terry Tudor

    As I read your words Nancy, I am compelled to respond, but alas find myself somewhat at a loss to adequately express what to say. A myriad of thoughts and feelings that like the PULSE frame span the different time zones of the past, present and future.

    Reflecting on the past 15 months spent at PULSE as it Executive Director, I am so appreciative for the incredible opportunities and experiences it has provided me. It has represented the chance to grow as a personal on all levels – mind, body, emotion and spirit. Most importantly, PULSE has given me the honor to spend time, learn from and build a cherished friendship with an exceptional woman – Dr. Nancy Love.

    What I know today is that Nancy Love is PULSE. She is open and trusting; curious and courageous; kind and generous, responsive and flexible; and of course, brilliant and gifted in her ability to integrate and make simple the complex. At the same time, she is humble and I know uncomfortable with this praise and attention. Yet, if I am to be the PULSE practitioner Nancy has taught me to be, I must say what I am thinking. Learning to be a PULSE practitioner allows me to bring all that I am from my past upon which to set the criteria to build who I believe I am meant to be and to go on to where I am supposed to go in the future.

    Looking to the future, I know for sure this is not the end of my journey with PULSE. Rather it is the beginning of new chapter of PULSE discoveries and adventure yet to unfold experience and learn from. My time working with PULSE and Nancy has given me the confidence to take the leap of faith in myself. To contribute – make my mark – in this world through conversation and made possible with the spirit (GHOST), HEART and POWER of PULSE.

    Thank you – forever – PULSE and Dr. Nancy Love.

  • Carol S

    I love the blog, Nancy.
    A great way to stay connected to the PULSE people.
    Sorry to hear that Terry is leaving; wishing her all the best! She will be missed.

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