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Can you hear me now????

It is interesting to write blogs into the ether. You don’t really know if anyone at all is reading them or if they are, what they are thinking.  It is the “If a tree falls in the forest question??”  Is there an internet if no one uses it??  Okay… I know that people read this from time to time and my goal is to make it interesting enough that you will come back or suggest a topic or learn something or just smile.

Have you ever notice how confidence is like a tide?  It seems to ebb and flow.  I am not sure if the moon has anything to do with it but it is an interesting thought. 

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  • Dawn Nason

    Nancy, I often think of you and with all the technology and methods of communication at our disposal, I wonder which way shall I impart a thought, share some commonalities, hope for an insight in response that only you would be charged to provide.

    I look forward to seeing you, in particular at the August end event in Canmore. Wonderful to have this group reunited. Not to diminish the importance of this gathering, is Mockers going to reunnite? We left of with ‘apology’ which has always been a fascination of mine.

    Your comment re tree in the forest brings me back to existential philosophies and such a treat that is … I hope to read humanities this summer. Such a difference between highly regulated work and the opportunity later in the day to let one’s mind run freely though the universe and all contained therein.

    I wish to issue many apologies for dragging along in reponse. More to follow.

    Take very good care, Nancy. Always so wonderful to hear from you.


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